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Project Description

Group therapy can be highly effective for some conditions. Why is that? Because, the way we work, you get to know people who suffer from exactly the same disorder as you do which helps a lot when it comes to really understand what has to be healed and it also comforts you because you will relate to people who are going through the same problems, have similar doubts and stumble upon very similar difficulties on their road to recovery.

And you also have the support of a small group – people you can lean on in moments of diminished hope and benefit from their encouragement.

Meanwhile the group goes through 8 to 12 sessions, usually on a weekly basis, of one and half or two hours each which are led by one or even two psychologists who will manage the group in a training setting. So it’s not so much about sharing and talking about what’s happening to you but it’s much more about learning new skills which will help you retrain your brain into healthy habits and regulate your emotions.

Group therapy helps creating really quick changes that may or may not be followed by some more tailor-made individual therapy, and it results in a much more cost-effective.

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Regular fees = Nz$150Social responsibility = Nz$110Group therapy = Nz$95Other situation

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