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Project Description

So you’re far from our offices but you want some highly effective psychotherapy!

That’s OK. We have an online videoconference room, able to eliminate distance 🙂

Of course it’s not exactly the same thing as being together in the same place, and on some special cases we will tell you that it’s best to choose good old-fashioned face-to-face individual therapy. And it’s not suitable for children or teens. But it’s definitely the next best thing 🙂

Do you want to work with OP? Do you have a computer with a webcam and an internet conection? So what are you waiting for? Hit the button “send” in the form below! We’ll be waiting!


I choose:
Regular fees = Nz$150Social responsibility = Nz$110Group therapy = Nz$95Other situation

Ao usar este formulário, concorda com o armazenamento e o gerenciamento dos seus dados por este site.

Honorários Portugal

58por consulta

Honorários Brasil

R$180por consulta

Honorários Angola

Kz14000por consulta

Fees New Zealand

Nz$175per session
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