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Project Description

There must be something about Oficina de Psicologia that explains the fact that so many people trust us when it comes to taking care of their mental health, right? So many that we’ve grown and expanded internationally to the point of becoming one of the leading world psychology clinics.

Doctors and other health professionals trust us and refer their clients to us. Word of mouth is responsible for a high percentage of our incoming clients every month and our clients repeatedly say they are satisfied with what they’re getting out of their therapies with us.

It stands to reason that such results have to be due to HIGH QUALITY! We must be good at what we do, wouldn’t you agree?

Much of the final quality of our therapy processes comes from the supervision and training we offer to all our clinicians. We have supervision for every psychologist in Oficina de Psicologia every week – two hours with an integrative approach dedicated to monitor and discuss in detail any case that therapists find challenging or have doubts with.

Doing this since 2008, for a caseload of thousands of persons, helped our supervisors gain a unique and diversified experience and that is the reason why we find it important to make it available to any psychologist who wishes to perform at his/her best.

You can choose one-to-one or group supervision, online or face to face in case you work or live close to one of our offices.

I choose:
Regular fees = Nz$150Social responsibility = Nz$110Group therapy = Nz$95Other situation

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Supervisão em grupo

302 horas
  • Presencial, Lisboa ou Porto

Supervisão individual

501 hora
  • Presencial ou online
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