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Project Description

Every psychologist working at Oficina de Psicologia knows that he or she will have several hours every month dedicated to studying. And we offer different learning events, some of them being structured workshops on specific issues. Most of these are available to any mental health practitioner who may want to benefit from some hours immersed in a highly experient group where every participant has an informed viewpoint, works mainly in one of many theoretical approaches accepted in Oficina de Psicologia and is able and more than willing to share with the group his or her own insights.

So our trainings aren’t really traditional, as the trainer shares his role with everybody else.

It’s also extremely practical – what we are mostly interested in are not so much the theories but the practice and specifically the way to help clients who are in therapy. That’s why we take our time to discuss cases and also to role-play and use several exercises aimed at really having a hands-on experience.


Most of our workshops can be accessed online, in our videoconference training room or face to face in one of our several locations.

I choose:
Regular fees = Nz$150Social responsibility = Nz$110Group therapy = Nz$95Other situation

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